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About Our Services

Custom Landscape Design

Enhancive Landscape Design and Build Services

Landscaping is more than just placing greenery around a business or home. All elements require careful arrangement so that they complement a structure instead of overpowering it. Turn your property into the area's standout with landscape design and build services in New City, NY. The Landscape Group offers both residential and commercial landscaping, and we work with you to create a design that is unlike any other in your area. Reach out to us today for a consultation.

Landscaping with Personality

Our contractors use visual design to evaluate space and determine the function of landscaping on a property. We work with you to fine-tune plans based on your requests, as well as the specifications of any regulatory authorities. These departments sometimes conduct inspections as the work progresses. We have experience with all types of design layouts, including:

  • Plan Views
  • Elevations
  • Side Views
  • Color Renderings
  • Computer Animations
Men Working on Residential Property

Finished Patio

Upfront Knowledge

A landscape design gives you an idea of how the finished project will look and enables us to turn your creative ideas into realities. One of the biggest joys for us as a landscape design-build company is to bring your ideas to life and create a unique setting around your home or business.

The Finishing Touch

That new house you bought is beautiful, but it needs something else to set it apart from your neighbors' homes. You're considering adding a feature like a paver stone patio or something else to create a finished look. You've watched the landscaping shows, but you don't know where to begin. That's when you contact us – we can customize a design that includes a patio, drainage, or any other elements you require.